Celje Music School is a modern music school where all classical musical instruments and all folk instruments are taught in the framework of a valid public programme. Pupils enter the pre-school music education programme already with five years of age and continue in the music apprenticeship with six years. In the music programme, pupils can choose among all instruments and singing, they also attend classes of musical theory and chamber and orchestral play together with the regular instruction for the instrument.

In addition to the home school, classes are also taught in two dislocated departments in Vojnik and Štore.

At Celje Music School, besides classical instruments, we want to offer a wider range of possibilities for learning other instruments and other musical types as well. Thus, at school, we perform over-standard jazz programmes in which students can learn any instrument, perform electronic keyboard and bass guitar. We also perform over-standard dance trainee programme in which young dancers get familiar with first dancing steps, and modern dance classes as an ongoing dancing education.

Along with the 110th anniversary of public music education in Celje we have celebrated 25 years of high school music education, which is an important anniversary for Celje. Together with the I. gymnasium in Celje, we have been implementing the programme of art gymnasium, the musical section, both schools creatively and actively participating in the implementation of the programme since school year 1999/2000.

The school boasts with seven orchestras and children’s singing choir, numerous chamber ensembles, a percussion group, a chamber singing group and novelty in the Slovene territory – the harp orchestra. In year 2020 we established a new vocal group MBH. In these musical compositions, pupils and students of all ages take part. Each month they show their newly acquired knowledge, their love and the joy of playing the instrument at class performances, public performances and extra-classes. In addition to all regular public and class performances, each year the departments prepare their thematic evening, this is a story with a theme that shows pupils and students in a slightly different way.

More than 850 pupils and students aged between 5 and 19 and more attend the school each year, with about 90 teachers taking care of them. Young people are successful not only in Slovenia but also all over Europe. Students participate in international and national competitions, play in international chamber ensembles and orchestras, and together with the teachers and mentors, they participate in various events in our community as well as all over the country and outside its borders.

The school has a modern library with many note resources, collections, sound carriers, book collections and dictionaries.

The school organizes and participates in meetings in professional societies and competitions such as: EPTA, ESTA, EGTA, TEMSIG … It also participates in the preparation and evaluation of curricula and the preparation of competitive programmes. Since 2017 the school has taken part in Erasmus + activities: KA1, wic, eTwinnig.

In order to improve the quality of work at school, every year there are several master classes and seminars for instruments intended for pupils  and teachers; the teachers are also trained in various other fields such as ICT contents, Sibelius, educational and methodical topical contents, etc.

Every year, the school also awards extra prises  (besides the funds allocated for competitions) to especially successful pupils of the school for their additional musical development.

Some pupils continue studying at colleges and academies at home and abroad, others remain faithful to Celje Music School and are always happy to return. Our school has given a number of excellent musicians, who now participate either as teachers in our music school or as musicians in different professional orchestras.

We must not forget that the learning process involves close contact among pupils, teachers and parents, that is why we are grateful to everyone involved in shaping the musical successes of our children. Everything that shapes the daily pulse of the school connects us with the desire to spread the message of music among the largest number of people. Our task here is to inspire students and pupils through their own experience of love for music and learning, while at the same time we try to encourage young artists to create working habits that make possible a richer life path for them.

In this way, our goal is to co-create personalities and to fulfill completely  the planned improvement of the musical education of the people.